Craving Change Program

The Craving Change™ program is designed to help you understand WHY you eat the way you do and to help you do something positive about it. 


 "I learned a lot. I didn't realize how much thoughts & emotions actually go into eating."

 - Craving Change™ Program Graduate


Using fun activities and self reflection in a group setting, the Craving Change™ program can help you understand WHY you eat.


You will learn how to:

  • Understand your cravings.
  • Forever change your eating responses.
  • Set yourself up for lifelong success in your food choices.


"It's been the only program that I've done that's actually made sense!"

 - Craving Change™ Program Graduate

Craving Change™ is different from many nutrition education and weight loss programs. It...

  • Uses a practical, evidence-based approach
  • Addresses emotional eating
  • Is for people who say "I know what to do but I just can't seem to do it!"
  • Focuses on the WHY of eating: WHY do I seem to fall into the same traps with food? WHY do I always reach for a certain food when I am stressed? WHY am I overeating? WHY is it hard to change?
  • Supports a wide range of lifestyle interventions for weight loss
  • Normalizes problematic eating behaviours
  • Encourages personal skill building and self-management
  • Creates a comfortable environment for group interaction
  • Considers different learning styles
  • Is taught by a licensed health care professional (a Registered Dietitian)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the program delivered? 

craving change™ is delivered in person, in a private meeting room, at a City of Regina Leisure facility. In order to allow time to reflect, practice new skills, and share new learning with the group, each of the three, 2-hour workshops are scheduled 1-2 weeks apart. Workshops will usually be scheduled to begin at 6:30pm and end at 8:30pm. 


Is craving change™ a weight loss program?

No.  Research has clearly demonstrated that the most effective weight loss programs include information about healthy eating with an emphasis on portion control, and increased physical activity.  craving change™ does not include these components.


However, assessing the personal drivers of hunger and overeating along with learning behaviour modification and cognitive behavioural techniques such as those used in craving change™ has been shown to enhance weight loss and long-term weight maintenance when combined with weight-loss regimens. 


Is the craving change™ program a treatment for eating disorders?

No.  The program is not a treatment for someone diagnosed with an eating disorder or someone with a significant psychiatric condition.  While many of the techniques used in the program are similar to those found in eating disorder treatment programs, such treatment requires extensive professional training and significant interdisciplinary collaboration. 


However, there are a significant number of people who are in distress about their eating habits, yet do not meet diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder.  craving change™ is an ideal workshop for many of these people.


What evidence is there that craving change™ works?

craving change™ is a program built on solid research.  It was developed in Canada by a Registered Dietitian and a Registered Psychologist who were able to translate many years of clinical practice experience and sound evidence-based research into a program taught by health professionals to the public. Here are some published articles that back the approach.  

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  2. Byrne, SM, Cooper, Z, & Fairburn, CG. Psychological predictors of weight regain in obesity. Behavior Research and Therapy. 2004; 42: 1341-1356.
  3. Canadian Diabetes Association 2008 clinical practice guidelines for the prevention and management of diabetes in Canada. Canadian Journal of Diabetes. 2008; 32: Supplement 1.
  4. Devlin, MJ, Yanovski, SZ, & Wilson, GT. Obesity: What mental health professionals need to know. Am J Psychiatry. 2000; 157: 854-866.
  5. Ellis SH, Speroff T, Dittus RS, Brown A, Pichert JW, & Elasy TA. Diabetes patient education: a meta-analysis and meta-regression. Patient Education and Counselling. 2004; 52: 97-105.

What's the registration fee?

craving change™ program registration fees vary slightly depending on how quick you are to register and whether you're registering with a friend, but will always be less than an hour-long initial assessment appointment. Expect to pay no more than about $100. 


Can I drop in?

No, this is not a drop-in program. Each workshop builds on material learned in the previous workshop. Pre-registration is also required, to keep the group size appropriate for learning together.

Cheryl's Story

Cheryl was a self-descibed "sugar addict" until she attended craving change. Learn what happened. 


Improve your relationship with food, permanantly. Here's the link again: 

What do you have to lose?

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