I know that you are pulled in many different directions every day, with many pressures on your time and multiple priorities. Eating well is just one of those priorities. Wouldn’t you like to choose the changes that will make the most difference  - without suffering or changing your entire life? With my help, you’ll know what to tackle because I’ll coach you and translate complex scientific evidence into practical information and tools you can use in your real life. 


Nicole Pulvermacher, Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist

Nutrition Counselling

Personalized advice and support, one-on-one with your Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. 

For individuals, couples, and families. Meal planning support and personal grocery store tours can also be included.

Craving Change Program

Learn why you eat the way you do, and improve your relationship with food. Delivered in a supportive group environment, at our location or yours. 

Nutrition Talks & Corporate Services

Health & wellness is essential to productivity, and an interest of many Canadian consumers. See what a qualified nutrition expert can offer your organization. Benefits may include a healthier, happier workplace. 

"I had a revelation in my initial appointment. I recognized that, for me, eating is part of socializing, celebrating, and being happy. I realized that I could use food in those ways without overeating."  

-Janice Burgess, Pharmacist & Food Lover

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